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Rainforest Environment


We are a franco-brasilian couple who decided to switch for a new life in Itacaré dedicated to rainforest conservation and our passion for horses. The project originated from the willingness to engage into conservation of the atlantic rainforest. Then, the owners realized that their passion for horses would ideally fit into their project as horseback riding is an excellent way to discover the flora and fauna of the forest and educate visitors about the need to protect it and act for the restauration of endangered species. 

Our Values

Our values are :

- the preservation of the primary atlantic rainforest and protection of the environment through practices like solar heating, LED illumination, recycling of rain water

- the well-being of the farm animals and the protection of threatened species inhabiting the forest

- development of harmonious relations and bring social benefits to the local community

Rainforest Environment
Re-forestration of degraded areas and Protection of forest inhabitants from external world
Rainforest Environment
Rain water is recycled by the pond or used for horse drinking
Rainforest Environment
Solar Shower in Bungalows is hot year around thanks to Bahia climate
Rainforest Environment
Food served at the Club-house is mostly produced on the farm or in the Itacaré - Serra Grande area
Our Supporters


CONULTING HORSES AND FARM : Vincent B. , Get C. , André J. , Carlos K. , Ingrid M. , Renato T.

SITE PHOTOGRAPHS : Manon B. , Bertrand B. , Gauthier I. , Didier J. , Florence J. , Marta J. , ,Lucie L. , Geson R. , Nathan

VIDEO : Tiffany , Pina , Tim

Rainforest Environment
Rainforest Environment
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