Our horses are either Quarter-Horse, a breed coming from North America or Campolina, a branch belonging to the famous Brazilian "Marchador" family. They have been selected according to their very calm personality with a simple concept in mind : "anyone can ride them" , valid even for the very beginner. We love our horses , treat them the best way we can, and what they give us in return is just unbelievable.


I am Billy John the boss
I like to head the group, nothing threatens me
With my girlfriend Estrela
She likes my very calm personality
Nobody beats me on the race
I am the most comfortable at any pace and my gallop is fantastic
My name is Clandestino
I am a strong Quarter-Horse who never forgets to eat
Crossing Riacho das Piabas
I am the most generous and respectful, easy to handle
I learned to go into the sea
but I only enter if Billy goes first
Hello, I am Estrela, a kind of star
I am a registered Campolina mare grown in Itacaré
Passing by giant Louro tree
I understand the smallest touch in the mouth, a quality that experienced riders will love
With my companions
The place where we meet our riding partners
My name is Caramel, a real sweetness
Brother of Clandestino, I have all his qualities. But, I'm watching my line
My name is Pajé because I am wise
Cousin of Clandestino, like him I love galloping. We three are the band of Maiquinique-BA
...and I am Minoushka
One day I went out of the forest and found here my new friends
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Itacaré-BA, Brazil 45530-000


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With my girlfriend Estrela

She likes my very calm personality